Name: Lt. Commander Data
Aliases: Data, Mister Data, Android, Little One
Species: Android
Character Themes: I'm Still Standing - Elton John
Physical description:

At first glance, Data here appears to be human. But a closer look reveals that he's actually not. He stands about 6 feet tall, and his pale complexion has a slight metallic gold tinge to it. His dark brown hair is cut short and slicked back, and his eyes are a slightly unnerving shade of amber.


Personality Details:

Data is a spunky little android who is, to say the least, more than the sum of his parts. He calls the Enterprise E home and serves as the ship's second officer, and Chief of Operations. But in addition to his rank and duties, Data also weighs in as the 'baby brother' of the crew, for despite his supercomputer mind and efficiency as a top Starfleet officer, Data has all the emotional and social level of a curious 6 year old.

He is naive and quite often an innocent, and also has a bashful side to him that shows itself often, especially when meeting new people. But once he finds a friend, the bashfulness melts into an almost clingy, "eager-to-please" bond. He also is fond of his cat Spot who he loves very much.

Data had an emotion chip installed a few years ago. Though he has a better handle on it than he did when he first had it installed, there are times when feelings get the better of him. Most of the time his disposition is more than sunny, and it doesn't take much to make the android smile or burst into giggles. There are times however when oversensitivity will take hold and cause Data to be easily frightened or have tears well up in his eyes. Fortunately his emotions rarely ever get in the way of his duties.

In addition to the emotion chip, Data also has an inborn creative streak. He acts upon this often by means of painting, music, poetry, or creating other types of artwork. He likes to play the violin, though recently he's taken a liking to New Wave music and smooth jazz sounds. He also loves to play in the holodeck, and his most favourite programs are his Sherlock Holmes adventures. 

Data tries hard to be on his best behaviour at all times, but things don't always turn out that way. Part of this is due to his immense curiosity which oftentimes will wind up getting the android into some unintended trouble or mess. Another factor is his tendency to take things a little too literally and act upon them. Data also has a big imagination that will sometimes run away with him. 

Still, for all the mischief he gets himself into, he'll always have the other crewmembers (namely Geordi La Forge, his best friend) to keep a watchful eye on him.


Random Facts: Closest friends: Geordi La Forge, Spot (his cat), the senior staff of the Enterprise E, Simon Foster, Izzy Secorro
Foods of choice: semi-organic based oil supplement used to lubricate his systems. But he prefers the taste of ice cream and chocolate chip cookies
Drinks of choice: Strawberry/pineapple twist, chocolate milk, orange sodapop
Favorite color: purple
Favorite activities: Painting, playing with Spot, playing Sherlock Holmes in the holodeck

Played by: Babs (AIM: babykitt82)