NOTE:  These stories centre around romantic relations between two males.  As a result, some of the stories contained therein may contain material not suited for anyone under 18.  If you are underage, or this does not appeal to you, then it would be best to go elsewhere.


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By Cait:

BDSM 101 (drabble - R)

Watch it Jiggle (drabble)


By The Celt:

Sunday In The Holodeck With Geordi (XXX)


By Datalaur:

Trick Or Treat (XXX)


By DataToy:

Page of Cups

Knight of Cups

Queen of Cups (XXX)

King of Cups (XXX)

Two of Swords (XXX)

Three of Swords

Four of Swords (XXX)


By Espressivo:

Legato (XXX)

Megasmut! (R)

Pillow Talk (R)


By Farfalla:

Data In The Soap

Seven Letter Solution


By J.Juls:

Data's Big Date And a Surprise For Kate (XXX)

Function 00001011100111 (XXX)

It Is Dove (XXX)

Power of Cheese

Senior Staff's Meeting (XXX)

Smoother Than an Android's Bottom (R)

Star Heck: Irregardless (parody - XXX)

The Sad Engineer (XXX)


By JadenLore:

Last Exit for the Lost (XXX)

Passing the Time (XXX)

When Rude Persons Attack! (Dayta and Jordie Get Laid) (parody)


By JM:



By John Green:

Geordi's Rebirth (XXX)


By Kate Orman:

Night Vision (XXX)


By Kattz:

Visors R Us


By Ligeia:

Out Damned Spot (drabble)


By Longbeachtrekstar:

The Aristocrats (XXX)


By Lyrastar:

Go On (XXX)


By Omega:

How Do I Live?

Misery's End (poem)

Unable to Stay, Unwilling to Leave (poem)


By Overload:

By The Lake (XXX)

Call of Duty...Missed

Data Abstraction by Mathematical Impossibility (R)

Figuratively Speaking (XXX)

Full House

He Stopped Loving Her Today (R)

Natal Festivities (XXX)

Probing for Data

Squeak and a Promise (drabble - XXX)

Touched After All (drabble)


By Robin Lawrie:

Kungeevoi (XXX)

Of Mime and Marmots (R)


By Quoth:

Gold and Silva

Gun Wounds Again? (parody)

Humanitarian Causes (XXX)

Quality Time (XXX)

"Shut Down the Sun" series

Lightning Strikes Me (XXX)

Rear View Mirror (XXX)

Ashes To Prove It (XXX)


By Qzeebrella:

A Perfect Blendship

Deanna and the Big Bad Klingon

Music (poem)

Random Facts - Data

Random Facts - Geordi

Sweet and Innocent

Through My Eyes


By Scarab Dynasty:

Ice Cold

Through Artificial Eyes


By SentientPillow:

0300 Hours

Predator (drabble)

Untitled (drabble)


By T'Len:

Hope is Dying Last


By T'Reija

He Loves Me..Not (poem)